In 2004, a local researcher and the founder of the society, Margaret O’Donnell, began an in-depth study to assess the availability of spiritual health services to the vulnerable population living on the streets or accessing street services.  In response to the findings of the research, the Oasis Society for the Spiritual Health of Victoria was born.  Since its inception, the Oasis Society has developed and delivered its programs in a small, safe and welcoming space housed within an SRO hotel in the heart of downtown Victoria.

In response to more than ten years of service provision to Indigenous men and women in the street community, the Oasis Board of Directors recognized the need for Indigenous leadership at the Board level and at the 2017 AGM elected its first Indigenous Board of Directors.  With the full support of its membership, the Society is intentionally engaging in an Indigenization process.  We offer a culturally appropriate program under the guidance and leadership of respected elders.  The Oasis seeks to work closely with families, individuals, professionals, government, and spiritual leaders to create integrated recovery and lasting healing for those affected by inter-generational trauma.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the mission and vision of the Oasis Society.

Recognition and Media

United Way of Greater Victoria – 2016 Spirit AwardsRCDV News Bulletin
Vancouver Sun – 2014 News Article